Wi-Fi amplifier – how to increase the range

A Wi-Fi amplifier is a device that intercepts the Wi-Fi signal from your router, amplifies it and emits it again. You can get an overview of the available Wi-Fi amplifiers with the best performance and how to set them up in this article.

These are the best Wi-Fi amplifiers to increase the range

If the range of your Wi-Fi signal is too low, you can amplify the signal of your router by using a Wi-Fi amplifier, also known as a repeater. You can get inexpensive Wi-Fi repeaters, such as the Netgear EX6120-100PES, for as little as 42 euros. The AVM FRITZ!Wi-Fi Repeater 1750E and the Asus RP-AC66 also impress with a high range and easy operation. For a price of around 60 euros, however, these two repeater models are a bit more expensive.

How to set up a Wi-Fi repeater

Once you have purchased a Wi-Fi repeater, you still need to connect and set it up. The setup is possible both via WPS function and manually via the user interface of the device.

  1. To use WPS for setup, first place the amplifier near the router and connect it to the power supply.
  2. Then press the WPS button of the amplifier and hold it down until the LED flashes at Wi-Fi.
  3. Now press the WPS button of the router and wait until all LEDs on the Wi-Fi amplifier light up. The setup of the amplifier is now complete and you can set it up in the place where the Wi-Fi signal should be amplified.